From the moment I started my public relations studies at the High School of West Flanders (Howest) in Kortrijk, the name Edelman often came back during class. Later, when I graduated, I first worked in a computer company, while continuing to look for opportunities in the world of public relations.

It is therefore with undisguised pleasure that I signed a 6-month internship at Edelman Brussels. An internship at Edelman stands out for internships in other companies. If you are motivated, and given the small size and openness of the PR team, you dive right into the action from the first day and take on a lot of responsibilities. So you are really part of the team. Apart from the classical public relations tasks, I also had the opportunity to gain some experience in public affairs. I have worked with talented colleagues for many clients in a wide variety of sectors, from agribusiness to renewable energy, to the technology sector. I am hopeful that the experience I gained at Edelman will prove useful in the future. I urge students and recent graduates to apply for an internship at Edelman.

In addition to gaining experience in consultancy / agency, this is an opportunity to improve your language skills as many European nationalities are represented on the team. I was also able to get a broader idea of ​​the communication sector and to evolve professionally. Although I originally applied for work in the public relations sector, I would now consider future employment in public affairs. And who knows, I could come back to the Brussels office someday ...

Written by Bert Victor