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Jaroslaw Swierczyna

Jaroslaw Swierczyna joined the Edelman Brussels office in February 2021, where he leads sustainability team composed of talented public affairs professionals. In his work, he advises clients on sustainable corporate governance and green innovation. 

Throughout his professional career, he has been working directly with senior EU policymakers, high-level national regulators, and industry representatives to deliver optimal policy solutions. He also coordinated European, national, and regional election campaigns. 

Before joining Edelman, Jaroslaw held various positions in the European Institutions, where he was responsible for developing EU legislation in field of industrial policy, sustainability, and digital economy. Among others, he negotiated the EU Free Trade Agreements with the EU key trading partners and managed the High-Level Forum for a Better Functioning Food Supply Chain. 

Prior to that, he worked in a small consultancy in Sweden, where he facilitated the access to Eastern-European markets for Nordic wind turbine manufacturers. 

Jaroslaw holds a degree in law and international relations from the University of Warsaw. He is a native Polish speaker, fluent both in English and French.