2019 is Europe's year of change

And we want to help you survive it. That's why we've put together a complete guide to the European Elections and beyond - available for free.

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— September 24th, Breakdown of the candidates for the next Commission added. Follow our analysis of their hearings live on Twitter.

— July 19th, Profiles of the new EU Leaders now in the deck.

June 25th, A look at the 2019-2024 Strategic Agenda. Here's what you need to know

— June 11th, Rebuilding Trust in the EU - our contribution to an Open Government Partnership report. Read it here.

— May 29th, Extraordinary Summit in Brussels to resolve the Spitzenkandidaten dilemma. Analysis here.

— May 27th, European Elections 2019: the results. First analysis here.

May 13th, Sibiu Summit round-up information added to the downloadable. Read our full analysis here


Everything you need to know about the EU institutional cycle

A lot of things are changing this year.

We've prepared a one-stop shop for understanding what's going to change in the European Parliament, what the next Commission is likely to care about and how member states are aligning and re-aligning in the changing political landscape.

"In 2019, there will be many new political players in Brussels, many of them looking to shake things up."

Gurpreet Brar, General Manage Edelman Brussels


2019 European Elections Edelman

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"It is pivotal that organisations adapt to a changing European Union, make new connections and leverage new techniques to achieve their strategic aims."

Gurpreet Brar, General Manager Edelman Brussels