With the challenge of reinvigorating interest in invention, innovation and manufacturing, Edelman Brussels supported GE in bringing the ground-breaking GE Garages to Europe for the first time. Garages, a large scale industrial and innovation showcase, began in the U.S. in 2012 to demonstrate cutting edge technology for innovative manufacturing. A visit to a GE Garage gives young designers, entrepreneurs, students, politicians and the general public hands-on access to technologies of the future such as 3D printers, laser cutters or CNC mills, and enthuses them by getting them acquainted with modern manufacturing practices. Garages aims to inspire a generation of entrepreneurs to think creatively and encourage politicians to foster the environment of open innovation championed by GE.


Edelman worked with GE and its partners to develop a European version of Garages in Brussels. The result was a fast-paced and exciting programme that brought in all of GE’s target groups in the time available.


Workshops on 3D printing, laser cutting and CNC machining attracted schoolchildren, students, politicians and the public, stoking excitement about learning the new skills of modern manufacturing. In the middle of the Garages manufacturing floor - and before large audiences – thought leaders debated and discussed Europe’s innovating capacity, energy challenges, and re-industrialisation. Edelman helped organise visits by journalists, EU policy makers and businesses as well as policy discussions, family days and after-hours social events. We worked together with 11 partner organisations to make Garages a success. In addition to the organisation of various events and driving interest from key EU stakeholders in the initiative, we ran the media and social media campaign around Garages.


GE Garages was a fun environment for creative, inspired and driven people to come together and share ideas. The numbers show its success in Brussels: 2,000 visitors, 300+ students and seven policy delegations. The social media campaign increased the number of GE Europe’s Twitter followers by 20%.

“GE Garages provided the company with a strong platform to engage with multiple stakeholders in Brussels,” says Hugh Gillanders, GE’s director of Public Affairs for Europe. “Edelman was a strong contributor to the overall success of the project, identifying good opportunities to engage with important stakeholders and helping drive attendance and awareness through social media. A really strong team effort and great ongoing commitment.”