Edelman today announced the launch of Edelman Data & Intelligence (DxI), a global, multidisciplinary offer that will house, develop and manage the firm’s research, data, analytics and machine learning capabilities. DxI is led by Yannis Kotziagkiaouridis, global chief data & analytics officer, and is comprised of over 350 researchers, data scientists and engineers, behavioural and machine-learning experts and paid and performance marketing specialists in 15 markets around the world.

The launch of DxI reflects Edelman’s strategic focus to use data and intelligence to drive empathetic, transparent, and actions-based communications. “Our 20-plus year history of studying trust puts research, data and insights at the core of Edelman,” said Richard Edelman, CEO of Edelman. “By bringing together teams across research, analytics, performance and paid marketing, and increasing our technology investment, we have removed the silos and built systems that are allowing for real innovation. Great creative is inspired by great research and data, and we provide clients with creative and communications that is both emotional and factual, and that is driven by data-led insights and a better understanding of people.”

“The combination of world-class intelligence specialization across all crafts—human, predictive, and performance—as well as a full-scale product and technology and data strategy consulting team, is fostering integrated approaches to tackling client’s diverse challenges in today’s complicated environment,” said Kotziagkiaouridis. DxI is already bringing these offerings to bear for clients such as Asics, Cigna, Hologic, Microsoft/Xbox, T.J. Maxx and Time’s Up Now. DxI is also the powering force behind Edelman’s data-based, market-leading client solutions from the likes of Edelman Trust Management, Edelman’s newest trust-measuring framework that evaluates five dimensions to help build a comprehensive and actionable roadmap for a corporation or brand and CommsTech, Edelman’s U.S. offer that combines technology, tools, data and analytics to provide actionable intelligence for communicators.

DxI’s approach advocates for a significant shift where organizations need to create data, not just consume it. To do this, the group focuses on a human-driven approach to understanding people. “For us, it’s not just about data, it’s about data with empathy,” said Kotziagkiaouridis. “We ask different questions, we combine intelligence and data sources in unique ways, and we work side-by-side with our earned specialists to create earned content and experiences that build deep, trusting relationships, establishing a mutual data value exchange between organizations and people.”

“Through creating compelling communications, earned signals are generated, and organizations can have the insight needed to engage with people in more meaningful ways,” said Kotziagkiaouridis. Work from DxI has already been recognized with awards at ARF David Ogilvy’s, AMEC and the Sabre’s. DxI’s workforce listening product was recently awarded the 2020 Gold Stevie Award for top PR Innovation of the Year.

“DxI represents a new way of working,” said Antoine Harary, global Managing Director and COO at DxI. “Data with empathy is the connective tissue across DJE to enable it to do what it does best: help organizations build lasting, trusting relationships with the people they are trying to reach.”


Edelman Data & Intelligence (DxI) is a global, multidisciplinary research, analytics and data consultancy with a distinctly human mission. We use data and intelligence to help businesses and organizations build trusting relationships with people: making communications more authentic, engagement more exciting and connections more meaningful. DxI brings together and integrates the necessary people-based PR, communications, social, research and exogenous data, as well as the technology infrastructure to create, collect, store and manage first-party data and identity resolution. DxI is comprised of over 350 research specialists, business scientists, data engineers, behaviorial and machine-learning experts and data strategy consultants based in 15 markets around the world.