The rapidly evolving Covid-19 outbreak has not only presented an alarming health crisis, it is also causing significant social and economic implications across the globe. In uncertain environments like this, trust in institutions – businesses, organizations, and governments – becomes even more critical. Strong leadership and decisive action are needed to earn that trust and shape our post-crisis future.

As the world confronts the spread of the new Coronavirus, people seek greater clarity on the risks they can expect to face and how to best minimize them. Who do they turn to for information? Download our latest report for more.

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Three weeks ago, Edelman provided rich insight into the need for business and employers to step up. And now, we are fortunate to have gleaned further understanding into what it means for brands to do the right thing during the coronavirus pandemic.
Our latest study, fielded over the last two weeks, asked people in 12 countries:

  • Why it’s important for brands to respond to the crisis
  • What brands must do and say
  • Who is best positioned and most trusted to carry a brand’s message
  • What impact a brands response has on trust – today and in the future

Businesses can help. They can make a vital contribution to economic and social continuity by doing their best to maintain operations through uncertainty. They can help their valued employees and customers stay well-informed by providing access to reliable, science-based information that people can adapt to their own circumstances.

Four key recommendations

  1. Show up and do your part. Brands have a vital role to play. Now is not the time to disappear, but to show up and use all your resources and creativity to make a difference.
  2. Don’t act alone. There is strength in collaboration. Truly helping people during this crisis requires a joining of forces with others, most critically government.
  3. Solve, don’t sell. Brands should focus all efforts on finding appropriate and meaningful solutions to the problems people are facing today.
  4. Communicate with emotion, compassion and facts. People are reassured by positive brand actions and commitments. Communicate with empathy to help both inform and calm.

And the findings have been resoundingly clear – this is a moment in time for brands to step up into their purpose and to join the fight. To help solve the problems we are all facing; to protect employees and partners; to get creative in how their products and services can help; engage in cross-industry collaboration in partnership with government; and communicate with compassion as much as with facts.

Because the world needs it, consumers expect it and the actions taken today will impact the trust brands hold in the future. 
It goes without saying, that all of us are navigating a very difficult time filled with uncertainty as well as personal and professional challenges. We are here to support you and your teams in any which way we can.

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