Seizing the opportunity of a new General Manager for Belgium, Edelman worked with AirBnB to tell the AirBnB story to the Belgian public through consumer and business media. The new GM announcement was boosted by a showcase of AirBnB stories and statistics, which we helped AirBnB to create and present, that demonstrated the positive impact of the Airbnb community in Belgium.

Journalists enjoyed an authentic AirBnB experience in the press event that Edelman designed and organized. In the atmosphere of an AirBnB loft in downtown Brussels, the General Managers of AirBnB Belgium and France told the story of Airbnb so far and unveiled the results of a new survey about the Belgian Airbnb community. The press opportunity was maximized by a series of one-on-one meetings for which the AirBnB executives were fully prepared, having received a comprehensive media training from the Edelman team. Journalists that were unable to attend were also up-to-speed – they received in real time all of the press information, including an infographic announcing the survey results.


Over 25 journalists and photographers attended the press event. The team secured more than 45 pieces of media coverage in print, online and broadcast media and increased conversations on social media. The coverage encompassed the three key messages of positioning the new executive, the survey results on community impact and the AirBnB experience.

Overall, the team created a successful reputation and awareness programme for AirBnB at a milestone moment for the company’s development in Belgium.