Every year over 900,000 people are diagnosed with one of the 140 different types of blood cancer. Blood cancer is something the public knows little about and it’s a cancer many governments don’t prioritise. Blood cancer is essentially invisible. Edelman was tasked with engaging patients living with blood cancer, to encourage them to tell their stories and help Make Blood Cancer Visible. We wanted to bring blood cancer into the public consciousness, to increase levels of awareness, understanding and support.


Inspired by one blood cancer patient’s description of his invisible, internal struggle, we created a ‘scroll-stopping’ film. Shot on black-and-white 16mm film, the video portrays a man boxing with a difference: like blood cancer itself, the opponent is completely invisible.


The film was launched via paid amplification on Facebook to coincide with Blood Cancer Awareness Month. We targeted users associated with blood cancer patient advocacy groups or other cancer-related charities, resulting in a high level of engagement with the video and personal stories shared.

To add scale, the film was made available in six languages and showcased in 14 countries. Extra support was generated by bespoke public awareness-raising activities and screenings at Janssen company events.

The emotional impact of Make Blood Cancer Visible on more than half a million people has been profound. The campaign resulted in 538,878 video views, 2,966 engagements, and 1.77 million impressions. We achieved 16 pieces of local market coverage, reaching an estimated 44 million people.

Make Blood Cancer Visible