With innovation in its DNA, GE wanted to contribute actively and constructively to the debate about the future of innovation and long term sustainable development in the EU.


In the spring of 2020 the EU unveiled its' 2020 strategy for growth and development.  GE’s challenge to Edelman was to help put the company at the heart of important 2020 Strategy conversations about innovation.

Edelman worked with GE to create the ‘Innovation Barometer’, a thought leadership piece that opened the door for GE to engage with EU policy makers. The launch of the Barometer, an analysis of how perceptions of innovation are changing in a complex, globalized environment, was amplified by events, one-on-one briefings, media and social media activities.


Inspired by the first Innovation Barometer in Brussels, GE created a global version of the Barometer that launches yearly at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Taking a more local approach, GE also created national versions of the Barometer for countries holding the EU presidency. The Innovation Barometer has become a reference point in discussions about innovation policy, putting GE at the core of the innovation debate. It has facilitated the company’s ongoing engagement with many EU and national stakeholders.