Edelman Brussels Sector of Expertise 2022

Our sectors

Our sector-specific strategies and tactics will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace and achieve your business goals.


Navigating the complex healthcare landscape of the EU

We are dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes for all Europeans through our expertise in EU healthcare policy. Trusting in the power of science, we work tirelessly to ensure that people's health is at the forefront of policy decisions.

Food and Nutrition

From the fields to your plate, we've got the EU food policy game on lock

Tired of feeling lost in the maze of EU food policy? Let us guide you through the process, from farm to fork. We'll make sure your plates are filled with delicious, compliant dishes.


Leading the charge for a sustainable future in the EU

We believe that science is the key to addressing the climate crisis and creating a sustainable future. With deep expertise in EU sustainability policy, we work to influence regulations and policies that drive real change and make a positive impact on the environment.

Governments and international orgs

Global perspective, forward-looking insight

We guide clients in relationship building, policy interpretation, program innovation, and issue advocacy. Our approach emphasizes trust-based stakeholder relationships, navigating institutional ties, constructive policy engagement, and public-private partnerships.

Mobility and Transport

We do the driving, so you can focus on growth and success.

We specialise in EU mobility and transport policy, ensuring that our clients stay ahead of the game in this ever-changing landscape.


REACHing New Heights in Safety and Compliance

Our team is dedicated to providing expert guidance on EU chemical policy. Utilizing a data-driven approach grounded in science, we help companies navigate the regulations and ensure compliance.


Unlocking the full potential of technology in the EU

Staying ahead of the curve in EU tech policy can be a daunting task. That's where we come in. Our team brings a unique global perspective to the EU regulatory landscape, ensuring that your business stays compliant and competitive.


Because financial regulations shouldn't have to be a magic trick to understand

We understand EU finance policy, and we provide reliable and trustworthy guidance to clients looking to navigate the ever-changing landscape of EU regulations and financial markets.

Energy and industrials

Don't be left in the dark: Stay ahead of the curve!

Are you feeling powerless when it comes to understanding EU policy regulations? Our team of highly charged experts knows the ins and outs of EU policy, and we're here to help you shine a light on your business. We specialize in helping companies understand and navigate the complex energy and industrial landscape in the EU.