Paula Garcia Almonacid Martinez

Paula joined the Health & Wellbeing team at Edelman Brussels in January 2021 as an intern. She will support the team work on public affairs strategies and engagement at European and global level.

Prior to joining Edelman, she interned at the European Parliament and worked for Knowledge4Innovation, the innovation forum in the European Parliament, where she coordinated the organization of the 12th European Innovation Summit. It was during this period, that coincided with the COVID-19 crisis, when she gained more knowledge about the European policy making process and became more interested on healthcare and innovation in this sector.

She holds a Bachelor degree on International Studies from the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, and a Masters in European Public Affairs from Maastricht University. Originally from Madrid, she has previously lived and worked in the US, the UK and the Netherlands. A Spanish native speaker, Paula is also fluent in English and has a B2 level of French.