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Our services

We are dedicated to helping our clients build trust and credibility in their respective markets. We know that trust is the foundation of any successful business, and that's why we make it our mission to ensure that everything we do for our clients is geared towards enhancing their reputation and building trust with their stakeholders.

Public Affairs and Govt Relations (EGA)

Edelman Global Advisory: Building Bridges, Driving Change

We work to bridge the gap between the private sector and policymakers to drive meaningful change and make a positive impact on society. Our expertise in building partnerships and establishing channels of communication allows us to create a dynamic, forward-thinking environment where progress can thrive.

Corporate Communications

Elevating Corporate Communications to Connect with the Right Audience

We specialize in corporate communications, crafting compelling narratives that resonate with the right audience. We challenge ourselves to constantly push the boundaries, to create a message that not only informs but also inspires.

Digital Public Affairs

Shaping the future of policy-making in the digital age

We want to change the game, that's why we use cutting-edge technology and a deep understanding of digital and social platforms to bring your policy priorities to the forefront of the online conversation.

Media Relations

Don't just release a press statement, create a story worth headlines

At Edelman, we understand that media relations goes beyond just sending out press releases. That's why we work with you to craft compelling stories that capture the attention of top publications.

Crisis and Issues Management

Navigating rough waters with solid trust

We specialize in preventing crises and building trust to help organizations navigate difficult situations. We can help you take proactive steps to avoid negative outcomes and protect your reputation.

Research and Analysis (DXI)

Edelman Data & Intelligence: We call it data with empathy

Edelman Data & Intelligence (DxI) is a global, multidisciplinary research, analytics and data consultancy with a distinctly human mission. We use data and intelligence to help businesses and organizations build trusting relationships with people: making communications more authentic, engagement more exciting and connections more meaningful.


Content done well earns attention

The right stories drive traffic to companies’ websites. They generate leads and political changes. Telling those stories in the ways people want to hear, read, or see them, at a time when trust in traditional media is declining, is a unique skill that can’t be handled through traditional PR.

Design and creative production

Take action and drive the change

Looking for how to bring the heat? Our creative mavens, we'll craft a unique and dynamic strategy that leads to impactful actions - because incredible ideas are cool but not enough.

Integrated campaigns

Moving the Needle

We understand that public affairs and communications can be more than just about buzz and impressions. Our team focuses on developing strategies that drive measurable results, whether it's changing public opinion, increasing engagement, or achieving your advocacy goals.